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Dublin Mountains. Photograph by Action Photography Photograph by Action Photography

Welcome to our Communications Area. This page is designed to give you a good idea as to what the DMI is and precisely what it hopes to achieve. As well as the detail below you will also find links to presentations we have given to the County Councils, press releases and press coverage on the DMI. There is also a twenty page document outlining the DMI vision in detail which you can download.

Mission Statement
The aim of the Dublin Mountains Initiative is to foster the creation of an integrated development and management policy for the Dublin Mountains.

Our Vision
There are very few capital cities in the world where the mountains are within such easy striking distance of those who live there.  Dublin is becoming increasingly urbanised and increasingly congested.  The Dublin Mountains are becoming increasingly important as an escape and a release from the pressures of urban living- there are huge social, health and economic benefits to be gained from sustainably managed outdoor recreation activities.

With the formation of the Dublin Mountains Partnership there is now a unified management structure for recreation in the Dublin Mountains and there has been an excellent start to developing the recreational potential of the mountains for the people of our city and for those who visit it. Top class walking and cycling trails and other amenities are now being put in place. These include facilities for casual and family users, those with impaired mobility and for educational purposes. The ranger programme has been a great success due to the efforts of the DMP management and the volunteer rangers themselves. The Dublin Mountains Way is now a national way-marked route and there are also new initiatives to highlight the local wildlife and archaeology.

The DMI is happy that a lot of its initial vision is now in place but feels that a lot more can still be done to further improve the recreational experience in the Dublin Mountains. It aims to ensure that this work continues and it will to continue to play a positive role representing recreational users within the DMP.

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